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On-site Coordination

On-site Coordination

Advantages and opportunities

On-site coordination is essential in planning an event. It includes coordinating with all suppliers, communicating and assigning tasks to all service staff, welcoming guests/attendees, keeping the event installations on schedule and solving any issues that may occur.

If you want peace of mind, to spend your time with potential clients or focus on your guests, we can offer you our on-site coordination services that will meet your needs at any type of event. Our goal is to provide a smooth on-site coordination experience and a stress-free event for our clients. Our venue coordinators & event management facilitators will confirm all prior arrangements, foresee potential problems, confirm all event procedures in advance and communicate with all suppliers and service staff. We will make sure that all aspects of the event are delivered well, from welcoming the guests, setting up the venue, lighting and sound, visual effects, catering and the show program to coordination of all activities of the event itself.

Along with the event coordination services, we also offer event planning services such as project management, venue selection, event budgeting, vendor negotiations, technical support, furniture rental, tents and a lot more. We can facilitate just a portion of your program or you can hire us to manage the entire thing from A to Z, still leaving you in control of the whole event planning process.

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