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Light Design & Visual Effects

Light Design & Visual Effects

Advantages and opportunities

Light design and visual effects can create a great atmosphere and enhance the overall energy of the event. Light design employs the fundamentals of any event lighting process, such as the elements of movement, shapes, colors, intensity and direction of the projectors for the ceremony and reception. Creating the right design can create dramatic effects for any venue.

At Art Village Event Design, we focus on ensuring that light design and visual effects complement the bride and groom and the entire venue and still align with the theme of the wedding. Decorative columns, the ceiling, walls or even the aisle can be made more noticeable using localized accent lighting. Surfaces or other points of interest can be designed with colored lighting to coordinate with your wider color scheme. We always value the impact of lighting, as our designers work closely with our dedicated lighting production team to achieve a practical and aesthetic effect for your event. We first listen to what you want to accomplish, consider the logistics of the venue and then develop a design to set the tone and impress you and your guests. Our designers work with the venue itself to ensure that the event lighting design and visual effects are in precise order. Our goal is to make your wedding lighting design and visual effects, simple or complex, that will be perfect for your event.

We put the art in your ceremony with our versatile lighting and special effects options. Whether it’s a luxury wedding venue or modern wedding venue, we will provide the light design that add some extra ambiance and wow factors to your big day.

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