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27 February 2022

Sophisticated Contrast

Saadiyat Beach Club

A really refined and sophisticated project with a dramatic touch to celebrate the birthday of a businessman. An impeccable and complete design, in which all the elements were connected to the concept.

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  • Corporate

25 February 2022

Signing Ceremony

Pullman Business Bay

A corporate lunch after a signing ceremony to seal the partnership between two companies. We organized and decorated these two moments that the companies had. The decoration was based on the trend for 2022 using an unusual color palette.

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  • Kids

10 December 2021


Tr88 House

“An unusual theme for kids party can only be possible with a complete project design made by specialists. Crystals were the inspiration for this event planned and executed in only one week for Nina Ali's daughter."

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  • Festive

25 November 2021

Thanksgiving Dinner

Jumeirah Park

As autumn begins and they have a successful harvest, the Thanksgiving holiday was created to gather families and closest friends. Lesa Milan’s family not only had a gorgeous scenario to celebrate but also much fun with the games we created for them.

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  • Kids

17 September 2021

Royal Princesses

Palm Jumeirah

A innovation had to be done after the second consecutive year with the same theme chosen by the birthday girl. This time, classical princesses of movies were forgotten and a brand new story was created inspired by our little client: Princess Deizi.

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  • Kids

20 August 2021

Doll's House

Palm Jumeirah

A real size doll's house was the scenario of this lovely party that had the theme decided according to the child's favorite play. Apart from decoration, we were responsible for the planning and coordination of the whole event.

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  • Showers

17 July 2021

Boho Baby Shower

The Retreat Palm Dubai

A surprise baby shower for the mom-to-be, in which we had the challenge of making all the guests keep it a secret. Art Village organized the whole event, including the creation of games to play during the party.

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  • Kids

5 June 2021

The 7th Flight

Palm Jumeirah

Representing the family's trips around the world, this project was totally planned remotely over the internet with the client once she was out of the country. All the choices were made based on the reliability of the team.

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  • Wedding

21 May 2021

Tying the Knot

Jumeirah Park

An intimate engagement party for closest friends following the pandemic restrictions. All the planning and decor were made by our team. The decoration project followed the couple's home interior design in order to highlight it.

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