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Project Vision

Any idea is a perfect opportunity for an original creation. Any creation is a perfect opportunity for an amazing memory.

About “Crystals”

Nina Ali called us after receiving many recommendations of our job willing to make a birthday party for her daughter. She was very undecided and had no idea of what theme she wanted. She told us Nour loved crystals but thought it was a strange idea for a party. After sending many ideas and references we convinced her it would be totally possible and out of the box. The concept was working on a scenario with giant crystals handmade for a candy bar and photo area of 13 meters long and 3 meters high. The kids table had many customized items and the souvenir was a kaleidoscope, that had everything to do with the theme.


Photography by Eugene



“I’d like to give Art village a huge shout out for bringing my daughter’s vision into a reality. When my daughter Nour asked for a crystal theme birthday party, it was very difficult to find a company that could do that. It’s not a typical thing a child asks for, but Nour has an obsession with crystals like me. I wanted to bring it into reality and thanks to Art Village and their team they made this happen in five days. Handmade all these beautiful crystals and the most beautiful decor. Thank you guys for making this happen!”

Nina Ali

Celebrant's Mom

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