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Vendor Negotiations

Vendor Negotiations

Advantages and opportunities

Vendor or Supplier negotiation is a large part and can be a difficult part in the event planning process. Negotiating a proper deal with your suppliers doesn’t necessarily mean getting the item or service you want at the cheapest possible price. Vendor negotiating factors such as delivery period, payment terms or the quality of the goods and services are important as well.

Our knowledgeable and well-experienced planning & coordination team has wide connections with top supplier partners that are strongly established. This ensures you receive the best rates and most significant and impressive services for your event contracts. Whether it is a venue selection, equipment or furniture rental, catering services, entertainment sourcing or any type of event services or item suppliers, once you decided to hire us as your negotiator, you get to focus on doing what you do best and think of positive outcomes. Our vendor relationships, vendor negotiation strategy, purchasing procedures and consultative experience give you more time to focus on delivering your guests/attendees the unforgettable experience that makes a good impact on your event.

We work as extension of your team that means you will get to focus on planning a remarkable experience for your guests and will not worry about how to secure the right venue at the right price and the right services at the right moment.

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