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Engagement Party

Engagements celebrate the end of a path and the start of a lifetime journey

Engagement Party

Advantages and opportunities

The engagement party allows the couple and their loved ones to celebrate the moment and share excitement before the wedding planning starts.  In former times, engagement parties were usually hosted by the bride’s parents, and the engagement itself would be a surprise announcement during the event. Many things have changed since then, and engagement parties are now often hosted by other relatives or close friends of the couple.  Family and friends are invited to socialize and enjoy food and drinks while celebrating the couple’s special occasion.

We will make sure that your engagement party is modest but elegant, keeping the decorations, food options and party ideas simple. We can host a dinner party for close family and friends in your backyard, favorite restaurant or a venue that has special, sentimental meaning to you both. We can throw a cocktail party, reserving a private area at a lounge or preparing a table setup/arrangement in your home. If you already have an idea of the theme or style you want for your wedding, we could find elusive ways to incorporate it into your engagement party. This will give your guests an idea of what they can expect on your big day. Designing a party is our specialty, and we will assure you that our design for your engagement party will be exactly what you’re looking for.

We can provide live music & a DJ, prepare easy and fun games for you and your guests and exciting entertainment that will make your engagement party more memorable. We’ll also provide a professional MC that will make sure everything runs in a smooth and upbeat way.

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