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Etiquette Advice

Etiquette Advice

Advantages and opportunities

Wedding is meant to celebrate love and lifelong partnership. But technically wedding planning is hard and confusing at times. With a lot of tasks to check off and difficult situations you’ll encounter along the way, it is necessary to have a guide to help you through it. That’s where we come in. Our wedding etiquette advice cover behaviour, decisions, attire of bride and groom and everything in between.

We will be happy to provide you answers to what should be your perfect wedding dress and tuxedo,  who should make the speeches during your wedding, what will be the appropriate ceremony seating, when should be the wedding rehearsal, how to narrow down your guest list and a lot more wedding etiquette questions. Having more than 5 years in the wedding planning industry, we are confident to give a better understanding of wedding etiquette which can help the couple and their wedding guests feel comfortable and perceive what will happen on the day.

We believe that wedding etiquette of the bride and groom should be well understood in fulfilling gendered roles in the wedding planning. In the end, it is up to the couple who are getting married how they would like to share responsibilities when it comes to wedding planning. Art Village Event Design is always here to help and answer all of your wedding planning questions and make sure that your only responsibility is to enjoy and cherish the moment of your wedding day!

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