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Photo Booth & Props

Photo Booth & Props

Advantages and opportunities

A photo booth is an incredible tool if you want to snap a few pictures with friends, relatives and loved ones, especially at a big party. It’s a small booth with a seat inside that contains an automated camera and film processor.

Unarguably, no special occasion is celebrated without pictures. One of the advantages of having a photo booth is that it gives everyone the chance to pose in front of a camera. This applies particularly to events with many attendees, where the photographer might not be able to capture each guest individually. A photo booth prints the photos quickly, giving guests their instant souvenirs. Besides that, it provides nonstop entertainment. We will be able to provide you a unique photo booth backdrop that will surely looks great on each and every photo of your guests.

Whether it’s a party, family gathering, wedding or a corporate event, a photo booth will add excitement to your social occasion. It will give your guests a chance to take home a precious keepsake to remember how much they enjoyed your party.

Photo Props

No photo booth is complete without props. They make posing more fun and encourage guests to get creative. We can provide party props such as hats, moustaches, hearts and items that particularly fit your event. Also, we’d like to add that having a photo booth at brand launches or corporate events can give you an opportunity to promote your company even more.

Photo Walls

A colorful backdrop or press wall, accompanied by thematic photo props will certainly add a special ambience to your event. Fabric, wood, boards or custom banners can be used as backdrop materials and with the creative ideas from our team, we will surely come up with an impressive backdrop design that will fit your event and theme perfectly.

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