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Soft Play Areas

Soft Play Areas

Advantages and opportunities

Soft play areas have become important to parents nowadays, as they ensure children’s safety to play freely. Soft play areas involve creating a safe environment with soft surfaces and can be used both indoors and outdoors. They provide kids games to play with hours of entertainment, which enhances their physical strength and even their social skills with other children.

Art Village Event Design provides soft play areas at either a venue of your choice or one you have decided on after our venue selection. We pride ourselves on providing fun filled, high quality soft play areas at all types of birthday parties for kids of all ages. We know your child’s party is a very special occasion, so allow us to provide the best kids party entertainment tailored to your and your child’s requirements with our experienced event planners. Ensuring a smooth program of your party, your safety is one of our main priorities. Our professional event planners will make sure to set up the equipment on time to get ready for your guests’ arrival. Whether you’re thinking of a small or big soft play area, we will ensure to give you the coolest inflatable structures, where there will be lots of exciting activities for the little ones. Our soft play areas are a great opportunity for the younger children to participate in different activities and have some fun of their own.  Having a variety of different shapes and sizes of equipment that has been chosen specifically for each event will undoubtedly provide hours of enjoyment!

If you want a fun, safe place for your kids to explore, contact us, and we will be glad to discuss the perfect way to keep them happy and busy the whole time of the event.

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