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Sensory Dinners

Sensory Dinners

Advantages and opportunities

A sensory dining experience is a new kind of a unique dining experience that engages all of the 5 senses by connecting the cuisine, entertainment, good venue and interactive projection with immersive images. The most exciting thing about this event is that every person has their own unique and individual multisensory dining experience.

Art Village Event Design gives special attention to the feel of the space of the venue and makes every effort to appeal to guests’ senses of sound, smell and touch. We consider every detail to achieve and create unique party entertainment with remarkable experience. We produce interesting narratives and bring the best, uniquely designed party themes to life in extraordinary ways that will surely engage your senses as you enter a fascinating world filled with deep human connection and entertainment. Your stage is more than a stage structure design. By creatively designing your stage sound and lighting (visual illusions), we can assure that the overall experience will have a lasting impression on the guests.

Whether you desire a festive, social atmosphere or a quiet and a romantic dinner setting, we will prepare a combination of specific music that will associate and focus on the style of the venue of your choice. We will also provide the best selection of food and drinks that will set the tone of the whole dining experience for all the guests.

We always find ways to embrace the power of smell, taste, touch, sight and sound to create unforgettable sensory dining experiences in immersive environments.

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