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Sweetheart Table / Kosha / Bridal Stage

Sweetheart Table / Kosha / Bridal Stage

Advantages and opportunities

In an Arabic wedding, Kosha is the area where the bride and groom (or only the bride in an all-female ceremony) are seated. It’s usually set up as two comfortable seats in front of the guests. Kosha plays an essential role during the wedding and is expected to be stylish and unique for each couple. The design and decoration of the Kosha may depend on the bride and groom’s personalities and tastes and the wedding theme and location.

There are endless possibilities available for Kosha decorations, and due to our experience, we can create something artistic and customized specifically for you. We can work with different themes, from geometric, floral, royal, to contemporary or nature inspired.

While arranging your Kosha, we make sure that all the details work together in harmony. Our team cover all the specifics, from choosing the couples chairs, bridal stage design and decoration, designing the backdrop, and flooring to coordinating the lighting. The floral arrangements for Koshas are handled with extra care. We can combine different types of flowers and colors or choose your favorite and cover the entire area from the ceiling to the floor. If necessary, we provide staging & dance floor services and lighting & sound, visual systems that can add an exquisite touch to the setting. When all these puzzle pieces fit so well together, the end result is simply mesmerizing.

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