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Press Walls

Press Walls

Advantages and opportunities

Press walls are cost-effective displays that bring prestige to your event. They are used as a backdrops for photos and speeches, usually representing brands, logos, slogans and sponsors. The importance of designing your press wall lies in creating a unique, inspiring concept that encourages engagement and social media sharing. A press wall should build a genuine connection between your guests/customers and your message.

We have immense experience in designing backdrops/press walls for many different occasions. We carefully plan and design the dimensions, textures, colors and lighting. Whether it’s a charity galas, launch events or press conference, we’ve got you covered. We provide customized, acrylic or digitally printed backdrops in a wide range of designs and sizes. We can design and decorate your press wall/media wall backdrop that will match the theme and occasion of your event.

Explore our previous designs to get inspiration for your event. No matter which type of background you choose, it will be carefully executed by our hardworking and creative team.

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