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Gala Dinner

Gala Dinner

Advantages and opportunities

A Gala dinner is a celebration with a large number of guests. It is an event that can serve a variety of purposes. Whether the aim of your gala dinner is to reward and recognize, to fundraise or to simply celebrate and have fun, it’s important to choose the right venue, ideal theme and great entertainment for your guests.

We can take the stress off your hands and organize a successful gala dinner. At Art Village Event Design, we will make sure to find a space that suits the amount of your guests. The theme of your gala dinner is a very important aspect. Selecting a theme goes hand-in-hand with sourcing your venue, and we will ensure that the two elements work well together. There are hundreds of themes out there to choose from, and we will give you the most relevant ideas and design to help you make the right choice. Besides, we can ensure your table settings, place cards and decorations tie in with your event theme and provide creative gala dinner centerpieces. With our help, your gala dinner will be absolutely elegant and stunning.

Our services include catering consultation & selection that can help you choose food and drinks which fit your theme and the guests’ tastes. This kind of social gathering will not be complete without great entertainment, so we will provide entertainment sourcing & booking and hire a live band and DJ for you.

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