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Project Vision

"Details are the difference between good stuff and great stuff."

About “Iftar”

Iftar is the meal taken by Muslims after sunset. In order to have this special meal with friends, our client asked us to make a unique decoration on the outside area of her building. We proposed a style with turkish patterns. Arab elements were also used, like lanterns and carpets. The table set up was full of many details, once we believe they become the highlight for small events like this one. This feature is a charm and shows the host’s care for her guests.


Photography by Valeria Effleurer

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24 May 2019

EID Celebration

Palm Jumeirah

This EID celebrated the end of Ramadan with a family lunch. It happened in the client’s house in Palm Jumeirah where we built a structure to hang lamps and drapes. A very original color palette for an arabic decoration.

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