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Spring Fling

Spring Fling

“Extremely beautiful – Exquisite! (Now when we compare pictures of other weddings and look specifically at these items, I promise you we have not come across ‘one’ that was as stylish as the ones you created for us!!!!). I gave you a tough time with my indecisiveness on these items and you patiently steered me in the right direction, you understood me better than I understood myself, you were able to judge my taste when I was unable to communicate it to you and unable to visualise the end product. You were not afraid to tell me that some of the things I choose for my hair would look old fashioned and rubbish and that they would not compliment my style and personality! We so appreciate your straight forwardness and honesty! The pre-nuptial dinner menu, beautifully designed! The chairs that were delivered to the church at such a short notice! And most importantly, you must know that we appreciated you saying ‘no’ to the mass-leaflets! And this is very important to state, you knew you could not deliver a ‘quality’ product at our very very very last minute request and you chose to say ‘no’ over delivering a ‘sub-standard’ product. And this again is a great strength! It shows that you choose quality above making a few bucks that can go a long way to tarnish your reputation. This really cemented our trust and faith in you!”

Caroline & Adrian

Bride & Groom